Shire of Bolcan – 12th Night



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At 4:15 PM Pacific Standard Time on January 22nd of the year 2022, His Majesty Hengist Helgason initiated within the Shire of Bolcan his first virtual royal court. His Majesty opened court with words for the populace of the Kingdom of Álendia, welcoming all to the first virtual Court of his reign, after which he invited those who had not sworn an oath of fealty to come forward and take the oath.

King Hengist invited two of his loyal subjects, Adelaide Gregory and Aaron Brandson to come forward and presented them with scrolls commemorating their previous induction into the Order of St. Tewdrig, 1st Knighthood of the Quill.

The following members of the populace were then inducted into the Order of St. Tewdrig:

Jibril alBasir for his personal charity to members, providing indispensable advice, printing the first newsletter, assisting with corporate office maintenance.

Robert de Tyre for his services as a board member, assisting in the development of the heavy combat rules.

Alizaunde LeFevre for her services as a board member and president and her efforts in founding the AZ Shire.

Murdoch McArthur for his services in the development of the societys heavy combat rules and his exemplary performance as Society Marshal.

Aeinar Sigthorsson for his services as society social media manager.

Johann Wolfgang Von Ave for his services in the creation of historical combat rules.

Jehanne dAvignon for her services as Chancellor of the Studium Generale.

Chulain ap Canam for his services in the creation of the Michigan group, running equestrian practices, and volunteering his services as equestrian marshal when

Asgarr Ward for his services as deputy marshal of the Northeast Region and local marshal for Cnoc Fraochan, including but not limited to holding fight practices,
teaching the societys rules of the list, and recruiting archery and thrown weapons marshals.

Katerina McGilledoroughe for her services as marche exchequer, providing service in maintaining state and local financial compliance for her marche, being the head of cultural affairs at Armistice, and serving as senior security officer.

Edward Harbinger for his services as regional deputy thrown weapons and archery marshal for the northeast region as well as his local marche, as well as various good
deeds and assistance in the organization and standup of his marche.

Anastasie DeLamoure for her services as kingdom seneschal and the deputy thrown weapons/archery marshal for her marche. Additionally, she was vital in providing
assistance with her local group in maintaining compliance with corporate policy.

King Hengist summoned Valkyrie and Brienne Loptrsdottir and took them as royal pages.

His Majesty inducted three members of the populace into the Order of Vigilance:

  • Madoc Arundel
  • Asgarr Ward
  • Nikolas the Bastard

King Hengist opened the floor to queries from the populace of the Kingdom of Álendia. The King offered closing words whereupon he thanked all in attendance for their time and expressed that he finds great happiness in giving out awards and closed court at 4:42 PM Pacific Standard

Court was reopened at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Madoc Arundel was summoned and inducted into the Order of St. Tewdrig for his exemplary services as the Muskator King of Arms and former web minister.

Court was closed at 5:03 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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