The Councils of the SMA

Kings and Queens of the Middle Ages were the final authorities of their lands, but they were never without the council of those vassals and wise members of their populace to help them make decisions. Knights, earls, dukes, jarls, and even important people from the general population of  the common class were placed in council positions to advise the King and Queen in times of need.

No one person, even a King could know everything all the time, so  they relied on these councils to inform them in matters they had expertise in. On rare occasions these Councils could run a Kingdom during prolonged absences of their Royal Monarchs.

The Privy Council

As a group, the Greater Kingdom Ministers and Society Ministers living within the kingdom as are able shall compose the Crown’s Privy Council. Aside from their duty to serve Crown and Kingdom as heads of their separate Ministries, their duty is to counsel the Crown on matters affecting the Kingdom and its Populace.

In the event that the previous Crown dies intestate or the Heir(s) cannot be immediately Crowned, the Privy Council shall continue to serve the Kingdom and its Populace until the rightful Heir(s) can be Crowned, endeavoring wholeheartedly to do so as quickly as possible. They shall regularly and fully inform the Heir(s) of all actions being taken on behalf of the Kingdom, the Heir(s), and the Populace, acting in full concert with the Heir(s) if they are able to be in communication with the Them.

This high level of service to the Crown and Kingdom is worthy of high recognition. Ministers may be drawn from any level of the Kingdom’s nobility, but their service is assuredly that of a Peer of the Realm. Therefore, they shall bear the title of Baron or Baroness and shall be recognized as members of the primary peerage order best suited to their Ministry throughout their time in office. When they retire to their own estates upon the successful completion of said term, these honors shall be made permanent and shall be entered into the Rolls of Precedence as having been granted to them when they first swore fealty as Greater Kingdom Ministers and members of the Crown’s Privy Council. If multiple Greater Kingdom Ministers or Society Ministers swore their fealty as such on the same day, the Rolls of Precedence shall reflect that they took their oaths of office in the order that best reflects the hierarchal order between their different Ministries, regardless of the actual order in which they took their oaths of office.


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