Populace Edition

First and Foremost-

If you are sick or feel ill, please don’t show up. See a doctor. Or don’t. But take care of yourself!

The Society of the Middle Ages follows all modern State and Federal laws regarding Covid-19. Venues may add additional responsibilities for participants, who will be asked to comply with those also.

We will not ask for vaccine status, nor will we ask for testing status. Contact tracing will be utilized only at need, via event sign-in sheets.


Populace responsibilities:

Follow Federal, State, and Local laws and any additional venue requirements without complaint. We never know anyone else’s circumstances. Please be Chivalrous, Courteous and Honorable. Don’t judge, don’t assume, and for goodness’ sake, don’t be a donkey.

Participants are asked to report any positive Covid exposure within 5 days of attending an event. Reports should be made to the event steward and/or Kingdom Seneschal. In such an instance, contact tracing will occur using the sign-in sheets. ALL REPORTS WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL! Only those who have a need to know will be informed, and no names will be given.


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