College of Arms

The College of Arms of the Society of the Middle Ages is the senior agency within the organization for approval and registration of persona and group names, arms, badges, awards/orders, and regalia as well as the custodian of the order of precedence and the ceremonial.

Heraldry is an historic discipline relating to the design, display and study of armorial bearings as well as related disciplines (e.g., the study of flags known as vexillology) and the study and maintenance of ceremony, rank, and pedigree.

Armory consists of personal arms (used to represent individuals) and civic arms (used to represent organizations/groups.) At events, these can be seen on banners, shields, armor, pennants, etc. Armorial display was used throughout the Middle Ages on battlefields, in tournaments, and for record keeping as each device/personal arms was cataloged and tracked to be linked to a specific person or civic entity. By seeing that silver raven on the red background across the field you would know exactly who you were facing if you knew the arms.

From the earliest days of the Society, names and armory associated with orders/awards, local groups, and the kingdom as a whole have been vetted for historical accuracy and authenticity as well as checked against registrations in the Armorial & Ordinary to ensure that each new registration is authentic and free of conflict. The head of the College of Arms, known as the Muskatour King of Arms, along with the members of the College, known as Heralds or Pursuivants, are extremely knowledgeable, and a very important resource to the organization and the populace alike. They are always willing to help, and to pass their knowledge on to others!

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