Office of the Populace Advocate of the SMA

The Populace Advocate is an office created to helpl and safeguard our populace. It is a direct channel through which SMA members can reach out to an Advocate that is there to assist them directly with issues that they are having problems getting solved at the proper lower levels/local levels of the Society.

Sometimes a problem is large enough that it goes beyond the authority or ability of the local Chancellor, local group, or Kingdom level officers, and has to be resolved at the Society Level. That is where the Populace Advocate gladly steps in to help.

Please use the form below to send an assitance request to our Populace Advocate Christine Huse. Christine is a current member of the Board of Directors with direct access to the highest levels of approval and authority in the Society to help speed up resolutions of issues that have been hard to overcome for you.

Populace Advocate Assistance Request Form
Form for use by any in the SMA Populace that are having trouble getting issues resolved and would like to use the escalation process to bring it to the Populace Advocate's attention to assist them with solving an issue they are having.

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