What is a Persona or Impression? 

No matter if you’re here just for intense battle, or becoming master of one of the MANY medieval arts or sciences. This is where your imagination and interests meet! A persona is something central and unique to you. It is your game identity as a whole.

Are you interested in the Crusades? Look into it! If you really connect with that time period and culture then go for it! Do the Viking horns sound from inside your heart? Then prepare your ships and call your men! The raiding season is coming! Perhaps you’re a conquering Moor, freshly arrived in Spain to see the new lands and make a name for yourself! Or part of the invading Mongol Horde striking fear in the hearts of those that catch a glimpse of your steeds dust trails in the distance! Maybe you’re the son or daughter of a wealthy merchant, skilled in trade and craft out to make their fortune!

A persona at its root usually starts with a culture of interest that was present in Europe between 400 and 1500AD. It’s a chance to dive into what that culture was really like. Learn through experience and immersion. What were these people like? How did they live? How did they interact with those around them? 

After the culture is decided you can narrow your time table. 400-1500AD is a long time frame! A lot changed in the world in that 1100 years through all cultures! A time frame and culture gives you a solid foundation!

From there you can research names and round out the idea of your persona in the form of a person you portray. Keep in mind the SMA has a strong focus on authenticity, so really have a look. Find sources showing where a first name or a particular last name was used. Your name can be anything that is documented in the time period, as long as it does not conflict with a well known real historical figure (that would get confusing!) 

Now you know your culture, your time period, and you have your name! It’s off to the races! What did those people wear on a daily basis? What did they wear for special occasions like the King or Queen’s court? Can you make that outfit yourself? Would you prefer to have someone else make it for you? If your fighting what armor would they have worn? What weapons would your persona most likely have in battle?

The details can be built in a day or developed over a decade. That is up to you, and how deep you want to dive into the rich history of your persona. The possibilities are endless! Do not worry though! There are plenty of people that would be more than happy to share their knowledge with you, and help you flesh it out! 

You can register your name through the SMA Heraldry after becoming a member, and protect your name and let everyone know that it’s yours! You can also dive into the world of Heraldry and design your own heraldic device or coat of arms. These too can be submitted through the Heraldry office for registration! Let the people know when they see a red and black shield with a silver raven coming at them from across the field that it is you they will come to face!

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What is a Persona?

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Guide to Knighthood in The Society of the Middle Ages

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