The Paths of Knighthood

Not all activities in the middle ages involved a weapon. Most of them involved tools and craft work.

When war brewed nobles and their knights and squires were called to battle. Between battles there was an entire world of activity going on. Forges were fired to make everything from swords and spear heads down to tools and nails. Great wood workers created furniture for the high born and low alike. Boats were created to carry goods and people across the lands and trade routes, as well as those made for taking an army to distant shores. Brewers toiled to make meads, and ales, and other drinks to sell. Artists and authors worked on paintings, sculptures, as well as illumination on scrolls and calligraphy and other forms of writing.

If you have an interest in a craft, chances are it was being practiced in the Middle Ages, and you may well find fellow lovers of hand worked craft and art to learn from, or trade knowledge with. These too have their own paths in pursuits of knowledge and skills.

Beyond the sword and the craft there are those that are noble enough to serve for the good of all. Every great event is always in need of those that are willing to help. Be it during set up and planning, or in a kitchen volunteering to make food. Every selfless act should be rewarded in it’s own right, and we strive to make sure that the many that come together to make a feast, tournament, or great wars a fun endeavor for everyone involved is recognized for their service.

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 The Paths of Knighthood

The SMA is a group of people with diverse interests. There are three co-equal branches of Knighthood in the SMA. Each Path has its own focus, and each path has different levels of orders that can be achieved as a member learns and practices more to become better at their chosen craft. There is something for almost any interest in the SMA. Click on a path below to learn more about any activities you think might suit your interests and talents, or a path you're interested in learning in.


Path of the Sword

If you dream of striking down your foes with impunity, this may be your path. The Path of the Sword is the Martial branch of the SMA, studying European Martial Arts from the middle ages (400 to 1500 AD). Through Sword, Spear, Mace, and Shield, Knights that have chosen the Path of the Sword defend their kingdom in great battles and esteemed tournaments to test their martial prowess.

Path of the Robe

If your mind and hands turn to the creative, be it paints and dyes, metal and hammer, or woods and planes, the Path of the Robe may be your selected path. Covering everything from ale brewing, calligraphy and illumination, to crafting furniture or even  water craft; the Knights that have chosen the Path of the Robe seek to authentically recreate the arts and technologies of the Middle Ages from 400 AD to 1500 AD.

Path of the Quill

This is the path of service. Be it a server of feasts, organizer of events, or any other offer of help or service. These compassionate knights are always there to lend a hand, and are recognized for their generous nature! We are all called to assist when there be a need, and these Knights that have chosen the Path of the Quill exemplify the ideas of  selflessness in assisting those that need it, and the Society as a whole!

Guide to Knighthood in The Society of the Middle Ages

You can also find a wonderully comprehensive Guide to Knighthood that has been put together by Sir Galen of Bristol for all to use! Click Here to access the guide and start your own journey!

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