About the Society of the Middle Ages

The Society of the Middle Ages, Inc is a non-profit medieval group dedicated to recreating the martial arts, arts and crafts, and engineering technologies of the past from 400 AD to 1500 AD. We welcome anyone, and everyone, that is interested in Medieval Martial Arts, history, technology, or crafts. We gather to learn from and have fun with each other, and hone our crafts be they blade or tool. No matter your interests, you’ll find something for everyone within the lands of the SMA.




The SMA was founded in the year 2021 of the modern calendar to offer anyone interested in Medieval society, history, arts, and fighting  place to gather, free of the modern world. One of the main objectives of the Board of Directors was give people of all backgrounds a place to go where modern discussions and problems are left outside the gates, and they can immerse themselves into a different world.

Another primary goal of the SMA was to develop and implement a fair system for progression in the fields of a person’s personal interests. Be it swordplay, arts, services, or historical research and science, we have strived to keep the goals for progression objective in nature to try to avoid favoritism or discrimination.

Each Guild, and each Path of Knighthood, is meant to have clearly defined objectives to reach the next level of title or rank, from the beginner to the highest ranked knights. Members will be rewarded based on their skills, their contributions, and their own personal drive to meet these objective goals, instead of being rewarded based on who they know.

Family Fun

The future of any organization like the SMA isn’t always the members that learn and participate today, it’s usually those that are growing to participate tomorrow. We strive to ensure that children have activities to take part in, and learn from, as well as the adult members. 

  • Youth martial tournaments and art/science competitions will show off the skills of our young members to all. The bards weave tales and sings songs to be enjoyed by all. Tales of heroic adventures and inspiration are performed, as well as those spooky stories meant to chill your bones around the camp fire at night.
  • The scribes teach the artistic young how to illuminate scrollwork with beautiful, colorful designs meant to bedazzle the eyes that behold them.
  • Masters of the forges teach those with the desire to learn how to work safely around a forge and how to shape and mold metal to their will.

We are constantly trying to develop new ways to ensure that all of our members, from the youngest to the oldest, have things to enjoy in the SMA. With the input of our members, we hope to continue to grow with an eye on the whole family.



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