Order of Precedence


The Order of Precedence is maintained by the Bordure King of Arms (Precedence). 

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For questions concerning the Order of Precedence or the database contents please contact the Muskatour King of Arms.

The Order of Precedence is the rank of varioius titles and awards compared to others in Medieval society. A Knight is ranked lower than a King, a Baron lower than a Duke, etc.

The Grand March is a way of ranking individuals within the kingdom based on ordinal precedence. This format lists all individuals from highest to lowest precedence according to their highest honor. When two or more individuals have equivalent honors, earlier dates have precedence over later dates.

The Grand March is generally used for special events or specific circumstances (e.g., presentation of combatants and their consorts, formal entrance into a grand ball, etc.) In each case, the herald in charge of the event must be familiar with the correct protocol for such an activity and organize the ceremony and rank the participants accordingly. Note that for any Grand March, the placement of a couple in line will be according to the highest precedence represented by either member of the couple.

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