Heraldic Staff Roster

Society Level College of Arms

Muskatour King of Arms – Madoc Arundel          Email: sma.muskatour@gmail.com

Lexicon Herald (Muskatour staff – Admin) – Mordeyrn Tremayne

Octavo Herald (Muskatour staff – Webminister) – Aron Ulfr’

Castle King of Arms (Submissions) – Otto von Lübeck

Lion d’Or Herald Ordinaire of Álendia – Madoc Arundel      Email: alendia.liondor@gmail.com

Local Group Heralds

Shire of Aurantia – Máel Murie ingen Dubgaill        Email: damewyndie@gmail.com

Shire of Bolcán – Vacant Looking for Volunteers!

Hurt Pursuivant (Marche of Cnoc Fraochán) – Madoc Arundel     Email: Madoc.Arundel@gmail.com

Shire of Foxdale – Otto von Lübeck

Shire of Redebourne – Katrionna MacLochlainn

Province of Solumbria: Renée du Valier        Email: renee.dusoleil@gmail.com

Shire of Stokeford-upon-Trinity: Cordeilla ferch Rosser

Shire of Stormhold – Vacant Looking for Volunteers!

Shire of Strathhavin – Vacant Looking for Volunteers!

Pursuivants at Large

Æþelric of Berwick         Email: the100acrewood@gmail.com

Edewart von Dzierzgon

Snæúlfr berserkjabani

Serena Ordoñes

Ronan Mac Cuilennain

Galen of Bristol

William of Gloucester

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