Personal Heraldic Forms

The Personal heraldic forms are for individuals wishing to submit names or arms for review and approval by the College of Arms.

Names and Arms may be submitted at the same time. Arms are the heraldic devices individuals use to identify themselves. These are the amazing images seen on shields, flags, banners, and other items that are unique to the individual, kingdom, shire, castle, etc…

Individuals can also submit their own Badges. Badges in period were used in ways vastly different from arms and liveries, and did not, in general, resemble armoury even when using armorial patterns or elements in their design. Badges have essentially a single purpose – to identify ownership. As such, they are used in much the same way as corporate logos, seals, or signets.

Badge submissions must be fieldless… that is, there is no tinctured background. This being the case, any badge consisting of more than one armorial element must have all elements touching or overlying each other. Additionally, no badge may include any ordinary or other charge that is presumed to extend past the edge of a field (e.g., pale, chevron, fess, saltire). One byproduct of this design restriction is that badges can be displayed against any background of any tincture or pattern.

Make sure to read about the process of submitting names, armorial devices, and badges on the Submissions Process Page and check out the Rules for Submission. to if you want to read through the detailed criteria used by the College of Arms for approval. You can also find a consulting herald to help you on your journey through the process in the Staff Roster Page.

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