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Court Report Inaugural Coronation Court of Arianne and Hengist, Sovereign and Consort of Álendia Conducted in the Shire of Aurantia in the first year of the Society 24-27 September 2021

The first court of the first reign in the first year of the Society was opened on Friday afternoon. Arianne of Álendia was invested as Queen of Álendia by acclamation. Court was then suspended until the following day. Following a grand tournament, Her Majesty called for those who had shown such prowess on the field and invested upon them the raiments of the Order of the Knights of Sir Percival in recognition of their efforts both on this day and previous to make this day possible. First invested as the Principal of the Order was Hengist Helgessone who had triumphed in the passage of arms that very morning. Behind him were seven others here listed:
● Esteban Benguera de Marion
● Edewart Von Dzierzgon
● Hughes de Gaines
● Alexander Brighthelmson
● Ubba of the Red Fjord
● Brian Scott
● Garrison of Cornwall


Following this recognition of excellence on the field, Hengist was called forth alone and crowned king as both the victor of the day’s challenge and Her Majesty’s choice. Once seated on the throne, the first court of Queen Arianne of Álendia was closed, and the first court of Queen Arianne I and King Hengist I was opened.
As Their Majesties had given such charters as were necessary for the creation of ordens d’excellence and as these ordens had need of patrons and companions to carry on their business, Elizabeth Grey was called before them. For her creativity, staunch support of others, and tireless work culminating in the inaugural event of our great Society, Elizabeth was created the Principal of the Order of Saint Teudrig, with others involved in this most noble effort recognized close behind. These are:
● Bronwyn O’Neill
● Alexander Brighthelmson
● Ubba of the Red Fjord
● Hughes de Gaines
● Tatiana Heinemann
● William of Gloucester
● Anya al-Kahina
● Frederick Alton
● Egil Haraldsson
● Don Scott
● Isabelle de Châteaumichel
● Melissent La Chavronne
● Melissa Falleinwell
● Wyndie ingen Dughaill
● Alexander McBain


There can be no pageantry without the adornment of the hall, the field, and the people. The design and creation of fine raiment is the essential plumage of any field or court. With this thought in mind, Their Majesties summoned Eirene Peristeri, and praising her work in the creation of such clothing as had been made for this Coronation created her the Principal of the Order of Saint Dobrodeia of Kiev. As with any society at large, clothing alone does not create either character or ambience. Therefore, other artisans were called before Their Majesties and subsequently inducted. These are:
● Kat Mac Lochlainn (Brightwork)
● Yzabels Jeanne D’Este (Banner making)
● Asbrand of Norway (Woodwright)
● Melissa Falleinwell (Costuming)
● Patricia de Châteaumichel (Costuming)


Following this initial and immediate recognition, Their Majesties’ Court was suspended until later in the evening.
What tournament or festival would be complete without the celebration that accompanies such activities, and what celebration would be complete without excellent food and beverage supplied by those who labor in the kitchen. During the feast, Their Majesties recognized those who provided such a sumptuous repast by inducting these gentles into the Order of Saint Teudrig:
● Marie ingen Fheirgil
● Laurita Estella Solomon
● Ciaran mac Dughaill


If service is special, the service of those not yet of age is doubly so. Their Majesties, in recognition of one such youth, thus created Chancery Alton the Principal of the Order of the [Bronze] Acorn for selfless service throughout the event.
Their Majesties court was then suspended until Sunday.


When court reconvened on Sunday, Their Majesties offered thanks to Einar for his role in coordinating this event. They continued with additional inductions into the newly formed orders:
● Moyai Nidun was inducted as a Knight of Sir Percival
● Iðunn was inducted into the Order of St. Teudrig for service to Her Majesty
● Raven Wildhair was inducted into the Order of St. Teudrig for “being everywhere all the time and doing everything”
● Robert Anderson was inducted into the Order of St. Teudrig for his service as the Royal Guard
● Angelo de Châteaumichel became the second inductee into the Order of the [Bronze] Acorn for youth service
● Triggr Gunnarsson was invested as the Principal of the Order of [Vigilant Arms] in recognition of his military service. Other veterans present soon joined him among those noble ranks. These are:
● Hengist Helgessone
● Edewart Von Dzierzgon
● Raven
● Theresa of Dalwhinnie, as the site host who had made every effort to ensure the success of this inaugural event, was added to the ranks of the Order of St. Teudrig


Their Majesties’ Court was suspended once more until Monday morning.


As Monday blossomed clear and bright, Their Majesties took one last opportunity to call their court to order, and to complete the list of those deserving of high recognition. The following individuals were inducted into the Order of Saint Teudrig for the reasons stated:
● Alainn of White Rose Abbey served as abbess during the Coronation ceremony
● Ally performed every task asked of her, and some that were not asked but that she recognized as necessary
● Katerine of the Red Fjord documented the entire event through the use of alchemical imaging, making such images available to the populace who could not attend so that
they, too, might revel in the moment of our inception


With this last piece of business completed, Their Majesties bid farewell, adieu, and auf wiedersehen to those present, and closed court for the final time, effective Monday, September 27, 2021 (APD 1).

This, I swear, is as true and complete a record of the actions of the Court of Arianne and Hengist on the occasion of their Coronation as is possible to record, this <fill in the date that you first wrote the report>.
<Fill in your full persona name here>


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