Shire of Aurantia – The Feast of St. John



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Court of Her Majesty Arianne of Alendia for December 4, 2021, at The Feast of St. John

Damascene in the Shire of Aurantia in Plant City, FL.

Court opened at 5:00 PM.

Her Majesty called up Tatiana, the event steward, to address the group. She thanked

everyone for coming and told how many toys were collected for Toys for Tots.

Her Majesty then had everyone who had not previously sworn fealty to come forward.

Next, she called Conull MacCoinnich (Charles Miller) forward:

“For the work you have done for the Society, I induct you into the Order of St. Claire of
Assisi and, as a member of the Privy Council, appoint you Baron Conull”

He was awarded the title of Baron (Knight Commander) for all his work as the Web

Court was adjourned at 5:20 PM.

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