Flight Emprise



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Here follows the complete record of business and royal actions conducted in Royal Court at Flight Emprise I
in the Marche of Cnoc Fraochán, 911 September 2022.

The court of Their Majesties Murdock and Serena, 2nd King and Queen of Álendia, was convened on the 10th day of September APD II (2022) at 7:35 PM EDT following the peasant feast; Sir Madoc Arundel, Lion d’Or Principal Herald presiding.

Their Majesties gave leave to the Stewards, Sir Edward Harbinger and Dame Anastasie DeLamoure to address the assembly. The stewards thanked everyone in attendance and gave a brief description of the live weapons challenges that had been the core of the event activities. Their Majesties also gave leave to the Archimagiræ, Sibylla de Blakeleye, who thanked those who had contributed to the Stone Soup dinner and encouraged the populace to take home as much of the leftover food as they wished.

The stewards then announced those who had earned renown in the various competitions throughout the day:

  • Total points earned across the themed archery ranges:
    • Blue: Sir Edward Harbinger
    • Red: Dame Anastasie DeLamoure
    • White: Sir Madoc Arundel
    • Yellow: HRM Serena Ordoñes
    • Green: HRM Murdock McArthur
  • Distance shoot:
    • Blue: Sir Madoc Arundel
    • Red: Sir Edward Harbinger
    • White: Sir Asgarr Ward
    • Yellow: HRM Murdock McArthur
    • Green: Dame Anastasie DeLamoure
  • Period Board/Dice Games:
    • Blue: Dame Anastasie DeLamoure
    • Red: HRM Serena Ordoñes
    • White: Sir Edward Harbinger
    • Yellow: Aranwen ferch Rhys ap Gwalter
    • Green: Elyenora Houll

Following this recognition of excellence on the field and at the tables, Their Majesties congratulated everyone who had earned renown and spoke briefly of the purpose of the ribbons.

Their Majesties then summoned Lucilla Theresa de Courtenay. During the first year of the Society, Lucilla had played a key role in the founding of the Marche of Cnoc Fraochán, christening the branch, serving as the first List Mistress, and actively recruiting new members. Their Majesties stated that her contributions during this key first year exceeded the levels set for recognition and granted her the accolade as a Knight Bachelor of the Order of the Golden Quill.

Their Majesties then called for Artemius Filikôs to present himself. His Majesty spoke of the importance of recognizing personal sacrifice by members of our Society even when that sacrifice may take place outside of our milieu. One such opportunity is recognition of the honorable service provided by members of the armed forces. Their Majesties then inducted Artemius into the Order of Vigilance in recognition of his honorable service with the US Army.

Sir Asgarr Ward was the next individual with whom Their Majesties had business. As the Kingdom of Álendia had an official presence during the Great Coopers Lake Armistice, and as Sir Asgarr had represented his kingdom honorably in melee combat each and every day of that event as well as acquitting himself famously in single combat on the tournament field on multiple occasions, Their Majesties were minded to create him a Knight Bachelor of the Order of the Golden Chain.

Rowan Fhergil and her son Aire were then asked forward and recognized as those who had traveled the farthest to attend the event. Rowan and Aire had traveled a distance of nearly 700 miles a trip of nearly three weeks on horseback and had done so primarily to assist in the kitchen. Thus did the house of Fhergil receive recognition with the Wayfarers Award.

Their Majesties had one piece of business remaining to which this herald could not have been privy. His Majesty requested that Madoc Lion d’Or step out from behind the thrones and present himself as Sir Madoc Arundel in Their line of sight. Speaking of his efforts in the advancement of the sciences of zymurgy and meadhery as well as the art of heraldry, Their Majesties advanced Madoc to the rank of Knight Bachelor in the Order of the Golden Maunche.

Thus did Murdock and Serena conclude their business, and court was closed for the remainder of the event. In closing, Murdock asked the populace’s indulgence as he wished to showcase his inspiration… whereupon Her Majesty, rising to the complement, expressed how much fun they had and encouraged all present to continue with the revelry into the night.

This, I swear, is a true and complete record of the business of the Court of Murdock and Serena on the occasion of the premier episode of Flight Emprise, this 10th day of September APD II, being 2022 in the common era.

In Servitio ad Regnum

Sir Madoc Arundel, KBGQ, KBGM

Lion d’Or Principal Herald
Kingdom of Álendia

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