Coronation – First and Second Court of King Edewart and Queen Morin



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Here follows the complete record of court business conducted in the morning royal court at the coronation and investiture of Edewart and Morin, King and Queen of Álendia.

At 11:20 AM CST, Sir Þórgrímr lamented that the land was without a Crown. His concern was answered by the arrival of Sir Edewart, Crown Prince of Álendia, who voiced his claim to the throne. Sir Þórgrímr challenged Sir Edewart, and the latter’s claim was attested by Sir Alun ap Gwilym (marshal) and Sir Wilhelm MacAdams (herald) from the Crown List and by Sir Caradoc ap Cadwgan, Sir Edewart’s opponent in the final round of the Tournament of Succession. Satisfied that Sir Edewart was the true heir, Madoc Lion d’Or administered the oath of office and the principals of the three knightly orders lowered the crown onto Sir Edewart’s head. King Edewart then called for Morin inghen Ruairc, the lady who had inspired him to victory that fateful day three months gone and vested her with the queen’s crown. The remainder of the members of the knightly orders then approached with their charges and invested the new king and queen with the regalia of office.

Thus opened the first court of Edewart and Morin, third Crown of Álendia, convened on the 21st day of January, Anno Pax Domini III (2023) at 11:35 AM CST; Sir Madoc Arundel, Lion d’Or Herald Ordinaire presiding.

Oaths of fealty were sworn by the knights of all the orders. As no officers of state excepting Madoc Lion d’Or were present, the officers’ oaths were deferred to a later date.

As is right and proper, the first order of business following the Crowns’ opening remarks was to summon forth Sir Murdock MacArthur and the honorable Serena de Ordoñes. Both were invested with county rank, thanked for their stalwart service to the kingdom, and charged with continuing their service as members of the Privy Council. Furthermore, Serena was created the principal and founding member of the Order of Angelica as the first consort to complete a reign. Serena requested leave to speak to Their Graces which was granted. She then presented a set of four complete formal place settings in painted glass bearing the arms of the kingdom to be placed with the Crowns’ official regalia.

His Grace then spoke of history and tradition and of the need to ensure that kingdom practices maintained the balance between what is historically accurate and what is necessary. He then explained the status and importance of the historical champion and the style by which the champions of our time must be known. He then called forth Sir Caradoc ap Cadwgan and bade him take his place as Crowns’ Champion for the duration of the reign.

There being no further business, the first court of Edewart and Morin closed at 11:47 AM CST.



Here follows the complete record of court business conducted in the afternoon royal court following the coronation and investiture of Edewart and Morin, King and Queen of Álendia.

Court was convened on the 21st day of January, Anno Pax Domini III (2023) at 5:19 PM CST; Sir Madoc Arundel, Lion d’Or Herald Ordinaire presiding.

The future of the kingdom foremost on their minds, Their Graces called forth all children present. Her Grace Morin then allowed each child to choose one gift from among her treasures.

Their Graces then called forth any for whom this was their first event or first royal court. One member of another organization came forward to receive a token of welcome and the Crowns’ sincere wish for this gentle’s continued participation.

Countess Serena de Ordoñes was summoned before the thrones. Their Graces remarked once again on her successful reign, noting that her tenure on the throne necessitated a certain feigned ignorance of efforts expended outside the purview of royal duties. Noting that her extra-regal activities exceeded the standards required, Serena was invested as a Knight Bachelor of the Order of the Golden Maunche for her work in painted glass and in the scribal arts followed immediately and adamantly by her investiture as a Knight Bachelor of the Golden Quill. Already overawed, Serena was not yet permitted to descend the dais as Their Graces had one more piece of business. The painted glassware presented in morning court had been placed among the display of crafts for the populace to appreciate throughout the day and had been deemed the most worthy among worthies. Their Graces named Serena as their choice for arts and sciences champion of the day.

Their Graces then demanded the presence of Luciano Dragoni da Cadore. His Grace spoke well of the service Luciano provided during their time as heirs and of the camaraderie and counsel Luciano provided. Their Graces then invested Luciano as a Knight Bachelor of the Golden Quill.

Jayden Dragoni da Cadore was summoned from the children’s chamber. Their Graces spoke of the fine example Jayden set for other youth and of his involvement in all aspects of medieval life – most impressively with the martial arts. Thus were they minded to create him the Principal of the Order of the Golden Oak. Jayden was halfway back to the children’s chamber when Lion d’Or admonished him for leaving the royal presence before he was dismissed. Jayden returned to the dais where Their Graces continued to speak of his contributions in the arts and sciences. This was followed by their creating him the Principal of the Order of the Silver Sapling. Once again, Jayden erred in his assumptions and departed the royal presence without leave. Back before Their Graces, he was then created the third recipient of the Order of the Golden Acorn for service. This time, having been admonished twice and having learned that patience is a virtue, Jayden waited to be dismissed before returning to his youth activities.

Next, Their Graces summoned the ladies of the Shire of Stokeford-upon-Trinity. All came forth to attend, for they had conveyed news to the Crown of one of their number who had been a cornerstone of the shire and the province from the earliest days of the empire and who was in peril of being lost to the histories of kingdom and Society. Having consulted the highest authorities and having acknowledged the extraordinary circumstances, Their Graces successfully argued for an exception to policy (for none is above the law, but all are part of the body that makes up the law.) One of their number could not be present, so all of their number were called and charged with the duty of bringing the Crowns’ word to their home. Thus was Melisende Bernard named in absentia the first Knight Commander of the Order of the Golden Maunche, a position that carries with it the rank of baroness. The ladies as one body then swore Melisende’s oath of fealty collectively upon the sword of state and promised to swiftly and properly discharge the duty placed upon them.

The day having been full of activities of all types, Their Graces requested that those in charge give an accounting of the participants’ performance. First came forth Sir Frederick Alton to give an accounting of the archery and thrown weapons competitions and to award ribbons of renown to the top performers. Note that only two competitors scored points in the thrown weapons activity.

  • Archery:
    • Sir Madoc Arundel – 1st (blue)
    • Sir Wilhelm MacAdams – 2nd (red)
    • Dame Robin of Leycestre – 3rd (white)
    • Nekoyama Chidori – 4th (yellow)
    • Sir Frederick Alton – 5th (green)


  • Thrown Weapons:
    • His Grace Edewart, King – 1st (blue)
    • Her Grace Morin, Queen – 2nd (red)
    • – 3rd (white)
    • – 4th (yellow)
    • – 5th (green)

Next came forth Dame Athena nic Raghnaill and Dame Susane Loup-blanc who had managed the Lists for the single combats of the day.

  • Unarmored Steel Combat:
    • Sir Daniel mac Thámhais – 1st (blue)
    • Sir Reinhard Siebert – 2nd (red)
    • Sir Johann Wolfgang Von Aue – 3rd (white)
    • Dame Alexandra Notte Clare – 4th (yellow)
    • Sir Hrólfr Hengestes sunu – 5th (green)


  • Live Steel Combat:
    • Count Murdock MacArthur – 1st (blue)
    • Sir Þórgrímr Haukarson – 2nd (red)
    • Sir Johann Wolfgang Von Aue – 3rd (white)
    • Sir Reinhard Siebert – 4th (yellow)
    • Dame Alexandra Notte Clare – 5th (green)


Having thus identified the victors of the day’s martial competitions, those placing first were called before the thrones. Count Murdock MacArthur, Sir Daniel mac Thámhais and Sir Madoc Arundel were named Yeomen of the Guard, and Count Murdock was then raised to the position of Captain of the Guard.


Dame Tali Essen had petitioned the Crowns for an audience, and it was granted at this point. Dame Tali presented His Grace with a Book of Hours detailing his achievements to that point in time and having many additional blank pages upon which to record his future successes. His Grace was overwhelmed and thanked Dame Tali profusely, promising to share the book with all who wished to view it.


Next summoned was Dame Athena nic Raghnaill. Speaking of her skill and the volume of her work, Their Graces invested her as a Knight Bachelor of the Golden Maunche.


Having but little time left before the presentation of a sumptuous feast, Their Graces called forth several members of the populace at once, all of whom had reached a milestone on that very day. Sir Wilhelm MacAdams, Dame Nicola Dragoni da Cadore, Sir Madoc Arundel, Dame Cordeilla ferch Rosser, and Robin de Leycestre came forward as one to kneel within the presence. Acknowledging their stalwart performance in various martial activities, these gentles were at once and collectively invested as Knights Bachelor of the Golden Chain, each receiving a buffet in turn as the last blow they should receive unanswered.


Asking Sir Madoc to remain, His Grace remarked that our kingdom was large and covered vast amounts of unpopulated land. As a consequence, members of the populace often traveled long distances to attend to the community at large. Their Graces recognized his journey of well over 340 leagues – the longest trek of all present – and presented him with the Wayfarer Award.


One piece of business remained. Their Graces asked to speak with Dame Máire ingen Fheirgil, who had spent nearly the entire day caring for her charges – the children of the kingdom. Remarking that her duty mayhap qualified as a form of combat and that, if so, it likely ranked in ferocity and complexity far above the other martial activities of the day, Their Graces announced a one-time and specific form of recognition. Dame Máire was presented with a token forged by the ancient and venerable Danish plastikós master Ole Kirk Christiansen – a golden leg godt.


Their Graces remarked on the pleasures they had enjoyed throughout the day and exhorted the populace to make all haste to the refectory, for there awaited a comestible experience over which the archimagiræ had labored for long hours.


There being no further business, the Court of Their Graces Edewart and Morin, King and Queen of Álendia, was adjourned at 6:56 CST.


A celebration of the bardic arts occurred during the feast in which a number of members of the populace performed in a two-part competition of song and story. Following the feast, Their Graces convened a summary court for the purpose of naming the first Royal Minstrel of the Álendian Court. Sir Galen of Bristol was selected from among all those who competed and so named to this august post. In addition, the various and sundry guilds within the kingdom had been challenged to showcase their wares throughout the day. Their Graces proclaimed the Honorable Company of Álendian Brewers, Vintners, and Meadhers as their favored guild for the reign.


This, I swear, is a true and complete record of the business of the Courts of Edewart and Morin on the occasion of their coronation and investiture, this 21st day of January APD III, being 2023 in the common era.


In Servitio ad Regnum


Sir Madoc Arundel, KBGQ, KBGM, KBGC

Lion d’Or Herald Ordinaire
Kingdom of Álendia

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