Feast of Fools and Kingdom Artisans Faire



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Here follows the complete record of court business conducted in royal court at the Second Feast of Fools, and Kingdom Artisans Faire, held in the Marche of Cnoc Fraochán. 


The court of His Grace Edewart, third King of Álendia, was convened on the 25th day of March, Anno Pax Domini III (2023) at 5:00 PM EDT; Sir Madoc Arundel, Lion d’Or Herald Ordinaire presiding.


His Grace expressed his joy at being able to finally meet the members of the marche in person and commented on what an enjoyable time he had throughout the day.

The first few items of court business concerned the various activities conducted throughout the day. First called was Sir Asgarr Ward who had conducted the bearpit rattan tournament. Asgarr confessed to the decision on a winner coming down to a negotiation between the two top contenders prior to the tournament being called on account of lightning. In the end, Artemius Filikós emerged victorious. Next, Sir Madoc Arundel was compelled to announce the winners of the various non-martial challenges throughout the afternoon. First was the table games tournament – the winner being determined by whoever had the most gambling chits at the end of the gaming period. Competition had been fierce – especially at the Passe Dix table – but, in the end, Mistress Constance Waite (a visitor from another organization) had been the one to break the bank. Sir Madoc Arundel was the sole entry – and thus the winner – of the Foolish Brew competition.

The winners of the Ribbons of Renown for the Kingdom Artisans Faire were announced in order from first to fifth:

  • Matilda Spicer (knitted Monmouth cap): 100% – tied for first place.
  • Cordeilla verch Rosser (painted silk banner): 100% – tied for first place.
  • Madoc Arundel (koelsch ale): 95% – third place
  • Aranwen ferch Rhys ap Gwalter (Hiberno glass beads): 89% – fourth place
  • Ástríðr Nilsdóttir (chainmail-style earrings): 83.33% – fifth place

It was left to His Grace to deliver the ribbons for first, second, and fifth places to their intended recipients and to “break the tie” between Matilda and Cordeilla.

The administrative business of the event having been completed, His Grace turned his focus to the business of the Crown.

First summoned into the presence was Aranwen ferch Rhys ap Gwalter. Aranwen had served as event staff for all but one of the marche’s local events and had proven herself to be of good and honorable character. As such, the Crown was minded to create her a Knight Bachelor of the Golden Quill.

Next called forth was Artemius Filikós. The king spoke of Artemius’ performance in the list that very day, and noted his participation and demeanor over the past year in both rattan combat and the practice of live weapons. Thus was the Crown minded to create Artemius a Knight Bachelor of the Golden Chain.

Sir Asgarr Ward was next summoned before the throne. Speaking of his sponsoring and organizing of the days martial activities, commenting on the style and completeness of his kit, and speaking of the skill and valor he displayed upon the field, His Grace bestowed on Asgarr a Lion d’Or.

Asgarr rose, but before he could regain his post as banner-bearer, His Grace called him back into the presence. As it turned out, despite being a local resident of the marche, Asgarr had been the one to travel the greatest distance to attend this kingdom-level event (saving His Grace who, while on the throne, is ineligible) and was thus rightfully recognized with the Wayfarer’s Award.

His Grace chose this time to mention the joy he felt at seeing several members of other organizations enjoying the hospitality of the marche and kingdom. Noting one such visitor, His Grace invited Sir Tarl Shadowraven to come forward. His Grace commented on Sir Tarl’s skill at arms, but also on his teaching and guidance of several martial participants during the bearpit tournament. In an unprecedented action, His Grace bestowed Tarl with a Lion d’Or – the first time this award had been given to a visitor within the kingdom borders.

At this point, Madoc Lion d’Or cued His Grace for closing remarks prior to court adjourning. However, His Grace was not yet minded to end proceedings. Turning to this herald, His Grace queried as to whether Sir Madoc would be coming around to the fore or if His Grace should simply turn in place. Noting that this was a rhetorical question and that there was no real choice in the matter, Sir Madoc moved from behind the throne to in front of the very same and knelt before the king. Edewart commented to all in court that they were fortunate to have such a pearl as Madoc within their midst. He spoke of the efforts expended by this gentleman to sustain the local group, the kingdom, and even the Society as a whole. He spoke of the near constant educational opportunities and the administrative skills employed by this person. Finally, he spoke of the overwhelming concern displayed by Madoc for the welfare and advancement of others within our Society. Reaching beneath his cloak, His Grace pulled forth letters patent stating the desire of the Crown to create Sir Madoc Arundel a Knight Banneret in both the Order of the Golden Quill and the Order of the Golden Maunche.

His Grace made one final request to the populace on hand. Following the conclusion of the royal court, that such people as may should stay behind in order that an artist-in-a-box may make of them a record of appreciation to one individual without whom the king might have been unable to attend – Mike, his dispatcher.

His Grace’s closing remarks included his appreciation of the hospitality of the local population and both his and the queen’s appreciation of the efforts expended to keep the kingdom’s dream alive in the northeast region. Court was adjourned at 5:25 PM EDT.

This, I swear, is a true and complete record of the business of the Court of Edewart and Morin on the occasion of the Second Feast of Fools, and Kingdom Artisans Faire, this 25th day of March APD III, being 2023 in the common era.

 In Servitio ad Regnum 

Sir Madoc Arundel, Lord Ácléaf Brēaƿern
Lion d’Or Herald Ordinaire
Kingdom of Álendia

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