Hjartaland Naming Day



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On February 11th, Queen Morin held court in the Incipient Canton of Hjartaland.  No awards requiring entry in the Order of Precedence were made.  There were four members of the Canton in attendance, plus the Queen, her husband, and their grandson.  Also, from Stokeford, Sir Thorgrim, Sir Caradoc (the new seneschal of Solumbria), and I were in attendance.  Four more folks from the local area attended to check out their first SMA event.  The following day, the Queen published this account of the event:


Oh my król orzeł (Eagle King), my friend, my favored;


Even the joyous festivities at Hjartaland’s Naming Day could not completely quell my grieving over your absence. It has been too short a time since our Coronation Day for you to be called, once again, to duty. But, no matter how melancholy I am, it is our people of Alendia that we must first serve. I, too, am grateful for Einarr’s watchful eye and quick warnings. We must consider a way to show him our gratitude.


Hjartaland’s celebration was indeed, both entertaining and joyous. The Seneschal, Ophelia Warde, and the Reeve, Katheryn Cranesgrove, were very hospitable. Ophelia makes beautiful laces and string things. Katheryn planned a sumptuous meal, including a special dish for me. Ragnar Kelson of Durham humbly lent us his castle, fondly known as The Rookery. I met several new Alendians that I hope to become better acquainted with. Your knights practiced well, as did Sir Frederick and his archers. I’m sure he can tell you stories of shooting arrows through the castle’s window slits.


I did hold court; a somewhat subdued affair due to the lack of your presence. I wanted to make sure Hjartaland’s Naming Day was on our court records.


I, too, have felt the weight of no heirs; I agree, our people should decide where to hold a IV Tournament of Succession. A dictum for bids has been announced by Kingdom officials. Although the time that was stated is very short, I believe our people will pull through, as they always have, when they pull together. I propose this tournament be held in the blush of Spring, April 21-23 at the place of the peoples choosing.


So, while you are away, I will bide my time at Alton Manor. Sir Frederick’s household seems to have run amuck since my last visit.


Also, with much love and tributes to your great deeds, do I, your Dragonfly Queen, wish you safe travels until we meet again.


In service to the Crown, Kingdom and the. people of Alendia,





In service,

Galen of Bristol

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