Second Annual St. Daffydd’s Day Tournament



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I would like to report that day dawned, as predicted, with warmth and sunshine. But that would be a lie. Instead, quite unaccountably, the day was cold, overcast, and there was a persistent drizzle. 


This weather persisted, as the attendees huddled in a circle, discussing their disappointment and their lack of preparedness for this un-predicted weather.

But Her Grace, the Queen Morin arrived, and shortly thereafter the sun, and the site resumed the cheery countenance that we knew from last year.

Her Grace held a brief opening court, at which Dame Matylda took two new squires, Pippa of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Katheryn Cranesgrove, both of the nearby Canton of Hjartaland.


A tournament was held in the Blossfechten form of Historical combat, that is, steel weapons, unarmored.


A competition of archery was held. Notably, Dame Matylda, who is severely visually impaired, took part in the archery, with the coaching of the fair-haired Dame Mora. Sir Caradoc remarked that it was a case of “the blond leading the blind.”


And an arts fair was conducted.


The Queen held court again, and the following recognitions were given:

Attending his first event was Brogan Hogue, who came in the company of Sir Johann von Aue.


Ribbons of Renown were awarded as follows:
Historical Combat:
1st Place – Sir Johann von Aue
2nd Place – Brogan Hogue
3rd Place – Sir Caradoc ap Cadwgan
4th Place – Dame Alexandra Notte Clare
5th Place – Sir Reinhard Siebert


1st Place – Sir Johann von Aue
2nd Place – Brogan Hogue
3rd Place – Dame Cordeilla ferch Rosser
4th Place – Dame Susane Loup Blanc
5th Place – Lorenzo Falcone


1st Place – Queen Morin
2nd Place – Christian Eduard von Eberstein
3rd Place – Sir Johann von Aue
4th Place – Sir Alun ap Gwilym
5th Place – Dame Mora MacPhersone


Her Grace gave gifts to the two children present, Michael FitzGalen and James FitzGalen.


The Order of Vigilance was recognized. No new members came forward.


The Wayfarer’s Award was given to Sir Johan von Aue and Master Brogan Hogue.


The people were delighted to receive the visit of Queen Morin and credited her with bringing the sun with her.


So ends my account of this day.


By my hand
Sir Galen of Bristol, Lord Willowbourne

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