Social Media Community Standards

For the Society of the Middle Ages


The social media experience for members and participants of the Society of the Middle Ages, Inc. is the guidelines for acceptable behavior on all SMA social media platforms.  We do have expectations of community standards for all those that wish to find a place where they can discuss all things Medieval in nature.


Participating in social media on the SMA social media platforms does not require an SMA membership. Obviously, we would absolutely welcome anyone to look over our site, see the amazing things we are working on, and decide to join us officially, but there is no requirement to join to partake in our social community.  On our social media platforms you will find others interested in Medieval Reenactment, experimental archeology, arts, crafts, languages, heraldry, and all other aspects of Medieval life and society. 

Rules of Conduct


  1. Absolutely no discussions of modern politics are allowed on SMA social media platforms. We understand that people are passionate about modern politics and what is going on in today’s world. It is important to many! But always there is a time and a place, and the social media platforms of the SMA is not that place. The social media platforms of the SMA exist for the sole reason of bringing people together to discuss something we all love. Let there be unity in our passion for the past and leave the talk of present-day problems for the many other places that encourage/allow that discourse. That means no political campaigning, no political endorsing, no political bashing, to sum up it up NO MODERN POLITICS. Study and discussion of medieval politics, intrigue, government systems, and how those affected the lives of folks living during the medieval period is expected, and encouraged, but please keep it polite and on focus.


  1. No bullying will be tolerated here. It is understood that sometimes discussions get heated, and heated discussions turn into arguments, and arguments end in hurt feelings and no winner. Please remember that every single person you are talking to on The social media platforms of the SMA is a real live human being.


  1. No illegal activity will be tolerated. Any comment, post, or media that is found to be in violation of the law will be immediately documented, removed, and reported to the proper authorities as soon as it is brought to the SMA’s attention.


  1. No spam/trolling. This is a place for everyone to enjoy, and as such posts deemed as spam will be removed and the poster warned.


  1. Promoting actual violence or harm against people for any reason will not be tolerated, nor will the urging of others to self-harm. This does not include discussion of medieval martial topics, nor of our re-creations of such medieval combat.


  1. Posting of pornographic materials is not allowed. If you have to think to yourself, does this qualify as pornography? It probably does! Please be respectful of the other members of this service and do not post pornographic images, text, audio, or any other form of pornographic media/material.


  1. If a post in any SMA forum is found be in violation of these standards by the moderators of the forum or by a social media officer, that post will be subject to summary removal, your membership in the forum may be suspended, and other actions may be taken depending on the severity of the infraction or repeat infractions.


The Society of the Middle Ages, Inc. offers their social media platforms of the SMA to any that wish to partake in an online community of medieval enthusiasts. We welcome all that would like to join the fun here online. The SMA, inc. also reserves the right to remove any member/participant that, in our view, has violated these standards. We welcome you to join us around our hearth. Please respect the rules of our home.

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