Youth Boffer and Adult Archery Tournament

Caer ar yr Afon Goch 1702 W Cedar St, Durant, OK, United States

A tournament to allow youth boffer fighters to learn the art of participating in honorable chivalric combat. The adult archery tournament will allow archers to gain a point toward the advancement to knight bachelor in the order of the chain. This is a free event with no site fees. Participants should bring their own lunch.

Weekend at Southampton

Burkhaven 294 Burk Dr., Killeen, TX, United States

Weekend full of Archery activities, camping is allowed   Event Fees $5.00 for adults $3.00 for Children Feast Feast will be a potluck dinner. Please contact Deborah Dewart at for more information.

Hard Day’s Night

Ácléaf Brēaƿern 137 Shoshone Trail, Mercer, PA, United States

Come for an afternoon of archery and thrown weapons. It's a potluck feast, so bring a dish to share (the event hosts will supply brats and burgers.) Stay for the […]