Fiore Segno Pas D’ Armes and Practice

Eppler Abode 4167 W Stonehenge Dr, Cleveland, OK, United States

A tournament for Historical Unarmored Combat in a passage of arms format. The fighters will challenge each other to combats best two out of three. Fighters will be provided a handout of Fiore Dei Liberi's Segno. Fighters will vote as to which of Fiore's beasts each fighter most exemplifies. Each fighter will receive a belt […]

William Marshall Team Deed I – Aurantia (venue change)

Navarre Park 8513 Navarre Pkwy, Navarre, FL, United States

Due to circumstances beyond the Shire's control this event has had to undergo a change of venue and format. There will be no event fee to participate. There will still be a feast with a very modest fee.     Event Steward David Stevenson

SMA – Historical Steel Combat Symposium – Hjartaland

Private Camp 18325 State Highway 48, Bristow, OK, United States

An event with classed and tournaments for citizens of Alendia and elsewhere to learn about and compete in Historical Rules Combat both Armored and Unarmored. The site is a primitive camp outside of Bristow, OK in close proximity to hotels with more amenities. Saturday night after the Armored Passage of Arms there will be a […]

Tournament of Succession V – Cnoc Fraochan – Anno Pax Domini lll

Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center 5013 NY-430, Bemus Point, NY, United States

Tournament of Succession V 20-22 October 2023 Borough of Cnoc Fraochán The Borough of Cnoc Fraochán cordially invites any and all to attend Álendia’s Fifth Semi-Annual Tournament of Succession. Come watch the struggle of those striving to become the heirs to the throne of Álendia. Revel in the pageantry of a grand tournament. Cheer on […]