The Society of the Middle Ages Live Weapon guild is for all that are interested in Target Archery (bow and crossbow) and Throwing Weapons (axe, knife, spear, Atlatla and sling).

As a guild, we teach safety first then the fun. We strive to teach the proper way to shoot and throw while having fun. We also have classes on how to make bows, bow strings and arrows.

While we encourage each member of the guild to try to have period style equipment, we also understand that some may just be starting out and have modern equipment. We welcome them as we have competition for all.

The structure of the guild is simple, Head of the guild, Secretary and liaison.

Advancement in the guild is laid out in the charter.

For more information follow us at


Welcome to Live Weapons Guild!


Details of guild activities. Check our Facebook Page.

Check out our Facebook page. We would love to have you join us. Frederick Alton, Guildmaster

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