Letter of Registrations and Returns

Society of the Middle Ages, Inc.

Office of the Muskatour King of Arms

April 2022

Greetings from the Muskatour office.

Just a couple of reminders for the general populace…

First – armoury cannot be registered without a persona name to index it against in the database. Therefore, a name must either be previously registered or submitted with the armoury for an armoury submission to be considered. For civic arms, the name of the organization must be previously registered or submitted with the armoury.

Second – the College’s governing documents (published to the Facebook group for your viewing pleasure) are clear on what types of documentation is considered valid for name submissions, both personal and organizational. Baby name books, Wikipedia, and modern fictional literature do not constitute valid documentation. If you have questions about valid sources or how to find them, please ask.

Lastly, when submitting names and armoury, the forms need to be legible. This is usually not a problem with scans, but when the forms are photographed it can be a challenge. Wrinkled or folded forms, light and shadow, or simply poor resolution make it difficult to discern the writing on the forms. Sometimes, even with scans, the writing is faded enough that it doesn’t come through clearly. Please double-check that any scanned or photographed forms are legible before submitting. We are reading them on a 14-inch laptop screen. As a side note, when doing the artwork electronically, please use the heraldic tinctures (there is an RBG guide on the College of Arms Facebook page that I can cross-post to the SMA page if necessary.)

There are no Returns and no Precedents this month.


  1. Eleanor Aschere – New Name Change
  2. Foxdale, Shire of – New Arms
    Azure, two foxes combatant argent, a chief ermine


  1. Jamison de Appleby – New Name (See Pended for Arms)
  2. Robin de Leycestre – New Name, New Arms
    Per chevron embattled argent and azure, two horses combatant sable and a sheaf of arrows inverted Or



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