In a continuing effort to better serve the membership of the Society of the Middle Ages, the Board of Directors is announcing the formation of the Populace Advocate Committee.

The Populace Advocate Committee shall start with 5 paid members of the general populace from different groups to field questions and concerns of the membership as well as develop and post approved polling for relevant issues.

The committee will report those findings to the Populace Advocate at Large once a month to be addressed by the Board of Directors. The Communications Director may also include this report in their press release after those meetings.

Committee members will serve for a term of one year as a trial basis. If this committee proves to be successful and of benefit to the corporation and the population, future committee members will serve for a two year term. Committee members will be made up from members of the general populace only. The Populace Advocate at Large shall serve as committee Chairman and a Social Media Officer will be part of the group as an independent observer. All other Officers, Board members and Royalty are not eligible to serve on the committee. Former Officers, Board members, and Royalty may be eligible to serve on the committee after one year of leaving their Office or position.

Paid members that are interested in serving on this committee shall have 60 days in which to send a letter of introduction and interest to the Populace Advocate at Large using the following email:

Good luck and as always I remain in your service Sir Edewart von Dzierzgon Society Seneschal Order of the Knights of Sir Percival

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