Greeting Lords and Ladies of the Realm,

The year 2021 has been amazing! We have come a long way in such short time! The Society of the Middle Ages has gone from nothing more than ideas to something we’ve all worked extremely hard to bring into reality!

In 2021 the SMA has managed to get the legal aspects of the Society in place to give all that wish to delve into the past a place to do it safe and free of our modern problems. Hundreds have already heard the call and answered. We have gained members from all walks of life, and many that have never even heard of medieval reenactment groups! It has been a true blessing watching this organization grow! 

We have held many events over the past year throughout the county. This includes 3 Royal Crown Tournaments at the Kingdom level, and many more local/regional events for members from shore to shore. We have seen the reuniting of old friends and the return of passion for the battles, arts, and crafts of the past in the hearts of many, and fanning the sparks of interest into flames for our brothers and sisters new to this wonderful dream. 

As required, the SMA, Inc. has completed it’s 503-C paperwork, and has just wrapped up the first year of IRS paperwork for the dreaded filing of the taxes. These are all public records, and available for anyone interested to review.

You can read over them at:

Thank you to EVERYONE out there that has helped us reach these amazing milestones! Nothing, no award, no title, no amount of words can express the gratitude we feel to each and every person that has had a hand in creating this amazing organization! Without the countless hours of work done by each and every person the SMA would still be nothing more than a rough vision. The SMA belongs to all of us, and may it be our home for years to come! 

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