Tournament of Succession



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May 24th, 2022

Report on the Court of His Majesty, Sir Hengist Helgason, King of Álendia, held at the Royal Crown Tournament in the Shire of Strathhavin, on Saturday, April 30th, 2022

Order of the Golden Chain:

Knight Bachelor: Murdock McArthur

Prince & Princess of Ålendia:

Murdock McArthur & Serena Ordoñes

Ribbons of Renown were awarded:
5th Place: William of Gloucester

4th Place: Edewart von Dzierzgon

3rd Place: Galen of Bristol

2nd Place: Þórgrímr Haukarson

1st Place: Murdock McArthur

Order of the Wayfarer:

Murdock McArthur & Serena Ordoñes

Lion d’Or:

Alun ap Gwyllem
Galen of Bristol

Order of Vigilance:

Ajlan Lucciano Seregon
Alun ap Gwyllem

Caradoc ap Cadwgan

Dittore Mehmed

Edewart von Dzierzgon

Frederick Alton

Galen of Bristol

Hengist Helgason

Howard Allman

Joel Alchin

Murdock McArthur

Order of Golden Quill:

Knights Bachelor:

Bronwyn O’Neill
Chiara da Milano

Cordelia verch Rosser

Edewart von Dzierzgon

Frederick Alton

Galen of Bristol

Jehanne d’Avignon

Murdock McArthur

Renée DuValier

Vanessa de Verona

William of Gloucester

I welcome any gentle corrections you may have, regarding spelling, ommissions, or errors in the

My thanks to Sir William of Gloucester, Dame Cordelia verch Rosser, Alexandra Notte Clare, and Suzanne le Lublanc, for their assistance in gathering this information.

Sir Galen of Bristol
Bordure King of Arms

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