Letter of Registrations and Returns

Society of the Middle Ages, Inc.

Office of the Muskatour King of Arms

April 2024

Greetings from the Muskatour staff.

We are starting to see a slight uptick in the number of submissions coming into the College once again. Along with this increase in submissions comes a recurrence of some of the problems we encountered in the early days of the Society. Thus, we are forced to make some adjustments in how we handle submissions. The following will be incorporated in the Society and Kingdom Administrative Handbooks. All local branch and kingdom staff heralds are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these documents:
1. The Lion d’Or Herald will no longer accept proxy submissions. A proxy submission is one in which someone other than the client or their local pursuivant sends in the submission.
2. All submissions to the Lion d’Or office must come from one of three persons. They may be sent by the client themselves. They may be sent by the local branch pursuivant. They may be sent by the parent or legal guardian in cases where the client is a minor. Submissions sent in from anyone other than one of these persons will be returned immediately with a note to route the submission through proper channels.
3. All submissions must include properly filled out forms with at least one form of contact for the client and one form of contact for the consulting herald. Email or phone number is preferred, as mailing addresses will delay any coordination or clarification that needs to be made. The forms must be in either MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, or PDF format. The Muskatour office may accept forms in PNG or JPG format if the forms can be clearly read but must be 300 dpi or better resolution.
4. While we have been lax with artwork in the past, we can no longer accommodate poorly drawn or incomplete artwork for decision meetings. Artwork can be computer generated or hand-drawn/colored, but must be on the correct form (badges on the badge form – arms on the escutcheon form), must include valid heraldic tinctures, and must be complete – no drafts or partials.
5. All local branch arms and name submissions MUST be accompanied by a petition signed by a majority of the paid members of the branch and MUST have the signatures of both the branch chancellor and branch pursuivant somewhere on the form. Tally sheets will not be accepted. Partial membership lists will not be accepted. If you need assistance determining who is a paid member of your local group, contact the Kingdom High Chancellor who will coordinate with the membership clerk to send a list. ALL paid members must be listed on the petition, and the signatures of those who approve of the name/arms must be present.


There were no contentious issues this month.
There are no new precedents from this month’s meeting.
This month we have no returns and no new pends. See below for the details.


1. Almárr Bjarnarkló – New Name, New Legacy Arms
Per saltire sable and Or, in pale two drakkars contourny, sails set, and in fess two bears combatant counter-changed.

2. Christian the Archer – New Name






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