27 May 2023

27 May Anno Pax Domini 3

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To the members of the Society of the Middle Ages,


The Board of Directors for the Society of the Middle Ages wishes to announce two matters of business that were resolved at the May meeting. 

  1. Addition of Brian Martin to the SMA Board of Directors
  2. Official adoption of two changes to the Codex Societatis have been adopted.


Matter 1 – Addition of Brian Martin to the SMA Board of Directors

The board is pleased to announce that Sir William of Gloucester, also known as Brian Martin, has been asked, and has agreed, to join the board of directors.  In accordance with the laws of the society and the kingdom, the President of the Society should have a seat at the table with the board of directors.  The board welcomes Sir William to its ranks and looks forward to working alongside him in the future.  Thank you for answering the call to service Sir William. 


Matter 2 – Changes to the Codex Societatis


Proposal 1 – Changes to Local Group Designators

  • The group designations of “Town” and “Canton” has been removed and the sole unit smaller than a shire is “Borough” to bring our designations in line with historical usage.
  • The designation “Marche” is not a geographical designator, but a designator for a “Castle” headed by a Marquis/Marchioness to bring this designation in line with historical usage.
  • Creation of the office of “Viceroy/Vicereine” as the Crown’s representative within a Province.


Proposal 2 – Changes to Requirements for Knight Banneret & Knight Commander Across All Orders

  • The requirement for a knight bachelor to mentor multiple squires has been changed from 3 squires to 1(within the same order) to remove a bottleneck for knight bachelors, especially in remote locations, and to provide clarification.
  • The requirement for heraldic display was added for knight bachelor in all orders to encourage the public display of heraldic devices.
  • The requirement for major achievements required to achieve knight bachelor be increased from three to five to make such an achievement be earned over time rather than nearly instantaneous for new members.


Both proposals were posted on the SMA website for 60 days prior to the voting and the comments received were taken into account when the discussion and votes were cast by the board.  If anyone has questions, please feel to reach out to the board. 


I remain ever in service to the society, the kingdom, the board, the regents, and the people of Alendia.

Sigvardr Brynjolfsson

Society Social Media Officer

Director of Communications


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