May Feast


in the Shire of Stokeford-upon-Trinity


Court was convened under the authority of Her Grace Morin, Queen of Álendia. Sir William of Gloucester presiding.

Three individuals were recognized with admittance to the Order of Vigilance:

  • Gwoopi Gwoovah
  • James Forester
  • Lowyn von Augsburg

Five individuals were recognized with Ribbons of Renown for outstanding performance in the Willowbourne Tournament:

  • Aaron – 1st Place
  • Johannes Fitz Galen – 2nd Place
  • Þórgrímr Haukarson – 3rd Place
  • Harborar – 4th Place
  • James Fitz Galen – 5th Place

By my hand,

Sir Galen of Bristol, Lord Willowbourne

Pursuivant at Large

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