Letter of Registrations and Returns

Society of the Middle Ages, Inc.

Office of the Muskatour King of Arms

March 2023

Greetings from the Muskatour staff.

I am happy to announce that my application to the Board of Directors for a second term of office as the Muskatour King of Arms has been approved. My warrant is now scheduled to expire in June 2025.

This month we have no returns and no pends. See below for the details.


1. Academia Ludorum Álendiatis – New Guild Name, New Guild Arms
Or, on a card pique sable a die proper, a bordure compony azure and sable.

2. Matilda Spycer – New Badge

  1. (Fieldless) A wyvern passant vert.

3. Raven’s Nest – New Castle Name, New Castle Arms
Argent, on a chevron per pale purpure and vert between three ravens sable two towers argent.

4. Conandil ingen Donngaíle – New Legacy Name

5. Gwendolen of Silent Lake – New Name, New Arms
Quarterly vert and argent, a cross counterchanged between two hippocampi argent and two six-pointed escarbuncles vert.

Submitted as Gwendolen of the Silent Lake, the commenters felt the allusion to a fantastical location was too strong. Additionally, the Muskatour staff was unable to find any example of lakes in the European middle ages named after an abstract quality. Thankfully, one commenter noted that the Pacific Ocean was so named within our gray period – pacific meaning placid or calm – which allowed us to give the client the benefit of the doubt that Silent Lake is a plausible constructed name for a lake in period.

Submitted as Quarterly vert and argent, two hippocampi argent and two six-pointed escarbuncles vert, the arms ran afoul of RfS IV.F.6, which states in part, “…any armoury submission that gives the appearance of being marshalled will not be registered.” The central cross was added to mitigate this issue.

6. Hjartaland, Canton of – New Name, New Arms
Argent, a heart within a bordure gules, a chief ermine.

7. Hjartaland, Canton of – New Badge
(Fieldless) A heart gules.

8. Luciano Draconis da Cadore – Resub Arms
Gules, a lightning bolt bendwise sinister argent within and conjoined to a serpent involved in annulo between three crescents pendant Or.






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