Letter of Registrations and Returns

Society of the Middle Ages, Inc.

Office of the Muskatour King of Arms

May 2024


Greetings from the Muskatour staff.

Something amazing happened in the month of May. The Society has its first principality. Why is this mentioned in the cover letter of a LoRR? Simple. This will cause a change in the text of the Administrative Handbook for the College of Arms and/or the Administrative Handbook for the Alendian College of Heralds in the VERY near future.

Last month, we spoke about routing submissions through correct channels. Those of you living within the principality borders now have a different channel than the rest of the kingdom. Allow me to introduce Dame Renee du Valier, Croix Clechee Herald Ordinaire of Solumbria. Henceforth, all heraldic submissions originating within the principality will get forwarded to her and she will take care of posting them in the submissions folder on the College’s shared drive.

There were no contentious issues this month.
There are no new precedents from this month’s meeting.
This month we have no returns and two new pends. See below for the details.


1. Álendia, Kingdom of – New Order Name
Order of the Book and Sword

This is a kingdom-level consubstantial order of knighthood for the historical armored combat community.

2. Christian the Archer – Replacement Arms 

Quarterly azure and gules, a cross Or between two sheaves of arrows inverted argent and two wreaths of thorns Or.

His old registration, Sable, a chevron gules fimbriated Or and in base a wolf’s head erased argent, is released.

3. Jamison de Appleby – Replacement Arms 

Azure, a rose Or barbed and seeded proper.

His old registration, Azure, a pale counter-compony argent and gules between a mullet argent and a rose Or, is released.

4. Renee du Valier – New Badge (Fieldless)   

On a lozenge pometty azure, a sun in splendor Or.

5. Saint Augustine-by-the-Sea, Borough of – New Civic Name, New Civic Arms 

Per fess engrailed azure and vert, a demi sun issuant from chief Or and an escallop inverted argent, a chief ermine.





    1. The Herbalists of Saint Hildegard, Guild of – New Guild Name

    This submission was pended at the request of the Clark of Guilds to ensure that proper protocols were followed with the Guild office prior to the submission of the name.

    2. Rolling Thunder, Castle of – New Civic Name, New Civic Badge 

    (Fieldless) An annulet raguly Or, overall a lightning bolt bendwise sinister argent.

    This was pended due to a conflict with a real-world 501c4 (Rolling Thunder, Inc.) with a registered trademark on the name. The Muskatour office is currently working with legal counsel, the client, and RT, Inc. to resolve the issue. The badge is properly rendered and clear of conflict, but cannot be registered without a name to associate it with.

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