Greetings to all from the Society of the Middle Ages

We would like to announce for the first time in our history a fall membership campaign! From October 1st to October 31st, you can save 15% on all membership plans!

If you’ve been checking out SotMa for a while and waiting for the right time to join, there will be no better time than now! This is our olive branch to you. Join our ranks and come enjoy a reenactment community this is waiting for you. Grab this branch and let us help pull you out of a mundane world, and into a world of legends!

Please use the coupon code OliveBranch2023 during checkout to enjoy a discounted membership for yourself or your whole family.

Come join us in combat on our fields of battle in one of our many combat styles be it rattan weapons, historical steel, thrown weapons, or archery. Join our artesian guilds to learn, or to teach others, the craftsmanship and technologies of the Middle Ages and how our ancestors lived. Sing, dance, and dine with other folks interested in the rich history of the European Middle Ages and its ancient cultures. Become your own knight in shining armor!


To enjoy your savings please visit to select your membership plan, and use the coupon code: OliveBranch2023

If you’ve never heard of the Society of the Middle Ages before, but it sounds interesting and you’d like to learn more please visit our website at and have a look through all we have to offer.

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