TO:                         The membership of the SMA, Inc.

 FROM:                  Paul Mitchell, Chairman, Board of Directors

 SUBJECT:              Opportunities for service, and Personnel changes

 DATE:                    June 25th, 2023


The Board would like to invite interested members to apply for opportunities to be of service to the Society at the corporate level:


The Board has voted to create a new corporate-level office, the Vice President of Member Services.  This officer will have the responsibility of managing the membership rolls of the Society.  Applicants should have experience with and/or resources for working with electronic data, and the ability to work with the Website Administrator to develop new and better processes for taking in memberships and keeping track of them.  Applicants should apply to the Society President at:


The Board is expanding!  If you are a SMA member who would like to serve on the Board of Directors, please send your application to the Chairman at:  The Board is contemplating adding two to three additional members, depending on the applications.


For all these positions, please attach your professional resume, as well as a description of your experience and activity in the SMA, and any other relevant experience or qualifications you wish to share.


In other news, the Board formally removed Preston Winters, who had stopped responding to any communication attempts several months ago.  Jon Eppler was voted onto the Board to replace him.


Also, Board Secretary Marcus Daily has announced his desire to resign from the Board, in order to focus his time and efforts on his Shire of Strathhavin.  The Board has accepted his resignation with sorrow, gratitude for his service, and high hopes for Strathhavin.  Erika Haeffner was voted onto the Board to replace him as Secretary.


I am enthusiastic about the growth of our Society, the development of our branches, the new members who continue to join, and the events that are filling our calendar!  Thank you all for being part of this new effort.

Thank you,

Paul T. Mitchell

Chairman, Board of Directors

Society of the Middle Ages, Inc.

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