Congratulations to all who received awards this past weekend at Royal Crown Tournament III!


A special congratulations to our new Crown Heirs:

Prince Edewart von Dzierzgon and Princess Morin Ingeh Ruaic!
Heirs of Alendia III

What follows is a preliminary list of the official awards. I am still collecting all the Ribbons of Renown. So this is not my final, official report of the courts that were held, but a full list of awards and elevations that were bestowed:

Saturday, Oct. 22nd:


Morning Court


Knight Bachelor, Order of the Golden Chain (qualified and placed on vigil 6/26/2022):

Alexandra Notte Clare
Reinhard Siebert


Afternoon Court


Crown Heirs (Prince & Princess):

Edewart von Dzierzgon
Morin Ingeh Ruaic

Knight Bachelor, Order of the Golden Maunche:

Alexandra Notte Clare
Astridr Nilsdottir
Cordeilla ferch Rosser
Giovanni Rocco (in absentia)
Hrolfr Hengestes sunu
Llywelyn Gruffiydd
Renee du Valier (in absentia)
Svena Johansdottir
William of Gloucester (in absentia)
Xene Theriane

Knight Bachelor, Order of the Golden Quill:

Johanna Jakobsdottir
Matilda Spycer
Wilhelm MacAdam
Knight Bachelor, Order of the Golden Chain:
Hrolfr Hengestes sunu (Archery)
Johann Wolfgang von Aue (Historical Combat)

Lion d’Or:
Caradoc ap Cadwgan

Wayfarer’s Award:
Edewart von Dzierzgon


Sunday, Oct. 23rd:


Knight Banneret, Order of the Golden Chain:

Galen of Bristol




Report on court actions by:

Sir Galen, Lord Willowbourne,

Bordure King of Arms

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