Sir Galen of Bristol has been gracious enough to supply a comprehensive guide to becoming a Knight in the SMA!

You can access the online guide at:

Sir Galen’s Guide to Knighthood

In his guide, Sir Galen touches on a great many topics, and expounds on his own experiences. He breaks down the different Paths available for knighthood, as well as related material.

While this guide is not an offical SMA document, he has done his level best at ensuring all information contained within matches the Codex Societaius, the main governing document for the SMA game side issues. Should there be differences in the Codex or other official SMA documents or policies, the official documents supercede all else.

Please give it a read, and if you like it be sure to thank Sir Galen when you see him on the fields!

You can also find helpful information on the webiste on The Paths page and plenty of helpful information in the Newcomers section.

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