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Tournament of Succession III

Congratulations to all who received awards this past weekend at Royal Crown Tournament III!   A special congratulations to our new Crown Heirs: Prince Edewart von Dzierzgon and Princess Morin Ingeh Ruaic! What follows is a preliminary list of the official awards....

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Yearly Reports 2021

Greeting Lords and Ladies of the Realm, The year 2021 has been amazing! We have come a long way in such short time! The Society of the Middle Ages has gone from nothing more than ideas to something we've all worked extremely hard to bring into reality!In 2021 the SMA...

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Tournament of Succession

Royal Crown Tournament Kingdom of Alendia Anno Pax Domini IIApril 29 @ 3:00 pm - May 1 @ 3:00 pm UTC+0It is NOT too late! The Kingdom of Alendia invites one and all to come and bear witness to the Royal Crown Tournament! Fighters will be tested for skill and valor to...

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New Groups Attaining Official Status

We would like to say congratulations to the first official Groups of the Society of the Middle Ages! These groups may now drop the Inciepient status from their group's name!  ShiresThe new Official Shires of the Kingdom of Álendia are as follows: 1) Shire of Stormhold...

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Populace Advocate Committee

In a continuing effort to better serve the membership of the Society of the Middle Ages, the Board of Directors is announcing the formation of the Populace Advocate Committee. The Populace Advocate Committee shall start with 5 paid members of the general populace from...

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